Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don't the Amharic sections of the pages display properly?

Short Answer:
The Amharic script normally needs the types (versions) of operating system and browser which are unicode compatible. Moreover, a font(s) developed for the script might be necessary.

2. How can I get the Amharic font necessary for your site?

You can download the font from here free of charge and install it on your computer system after reading and accepting the license agreement that came with it. The steps required to install the font is simple. You can just follow the instructions after clicking the downloaded file.

Other font types such as 'Ethiopia Jiret', 'Ethiopic WashRa SemiBold', Nyala, Ethiopic Wookianos, and 'Ethiopic Yebse', can also help to display the Ge'ez script.

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